About Me!

Sorry about the image. But usually any photos of myself are taken via cellphones and this was the best of them.

So, want to know more about me without having to read that big long first post? Well, here we go!

Okay, so first of all, I am now twenty-one. My birthday is March 10th and I can't believe how fast the years are going by! Obviously the name I use on the blog isn't my real name, but please feel free to call me Aly! I'm currently a fourth year university student studying History. I tend to prefer ancient history to more recent history. So, if I'm not always able to post every few days then  you know that school is dragging me down(haha).

I love cats and dogs, they're both really adorable and I see benefits to having both. As for family, I have one brother, a mother and a father and someone I refer to as my adopted brother. Mostly because he spends a lot of time at our house and we're super close so we always joke around that we've adopted him.

I'm a big fan of hockey, although I don't really watch NHL games. I tend to prefer the junior leagues. I love watching games live even though I don't always understand what's going on.

I am a Canadian and I can speak a bit of French, but I'm not really that good at speaking French. I haven't really travelled much. I've been to the States, but only as far as Rhode Island. I have travelled to Europe. I got to go to Ireland, England and Wales on a grad trip. That was actually really awesome! We got to see a bunch of amazing things!

Oh, and I really love books. Which is why I started this blog in the first place. I'm a romantic at heart so I tend to prefer those books, but I'm open to suggestions and finding different styles of books. I'm not going to list my favourites because I will write blog posts about them so you'll hear plenty about them I'm sure! Also I can be a bit of an exclamation person, though I'm trying to tone it down a bit.

I'm never really sure what to put in an about me section so if you want to know anything or think anything should be added then please feel free to leave a comment or send an email using the contact me form on the sidebar! I can't wait to see what you guys think about my blog!!!


  1. Hi Aly, nice to meet you. I too am a dog lover and would have cats too only my tiny 'terrier' pup hates them. Never mind I make do with hens and ducks instead.
    Best of luck with your studies.

  2. Hi Aly!
    Love your new blog design :)

  3. Do not understand...Above it says you are a history student, and at "home" it says you don't read history. (??). Thought I had something you might enjoy. If still interested, please write back. Keep up the good work in any event.


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