Contact and Review Policy

I am NOT ACCEPTING requests! I am currently overloaded and I am only taking requests by authors I have previously read until I get caught up. All blog tour and promotion commitments I've made will also be fulfilled. Currently the only books I will refuse to read are Historical books, Children's books, as well as non-fiction and most erotica. Although the erotica is on a case by case basis. Please know that the review can take from two to six months at this point. 

First of all, I can be contacted via the contact form on the sidebar OR by emailing OR by messaging on Facebook. Please do not spam my inbox and please be polite when sending messages. In addition please include the synopsis to your book or the Goodreads or Amazon link.

This site was created to review books. That being said, I will refuse to read the book if I feel that it is something I will not enjoy. I do tend to read more romance than anything else but I'm open to many genres. If you have a specific date you'd like reviews posted by please include that in your message as well. If I cannot meet the date I will let you know. Also if you'd like the review to be posted to anywhere other than Amazon and Goodreads, please include that in your email. If you do not enjoy the review I provided, then I of course will remove the review.

I accept:

Paperback(preferred method if you can send to Canada)(If I do receive physical books, unless they are ARC's I will possibly give them away in giveaways. )

Please do not send your book until I have agreed to review it.

I have no problem with promoting authors so if you'd like some promotion, or to do a guest post here at Reading Shy With Aly, please let me know!

Thank you very much for following the guidelines outlined here. I look forward to hearing from you!


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