Thursday, March 6, 2014

Here We Go!

Well, here we are. And this is something that I never really thought I'd be doing. Mostly because I always felt like I wasn't an English major and so had no right to create a blog. But you know what, why not? I love reading, and talking about books so why shouldn't I start a blog about my favourite thing?

Now, a few things about me. One, my name(or the one you'll know me by) is Aly. No it's not my real name, but you can never be too careful. I am nineteen turning twenty in a couple of days and I read, like a lot. I tend to prefer Romance over any other genre, so most of the books I'll talk about until I start getting suggestions are probably going to be about books that are Romantic in nature. Sorry if that's not your thing, but feel free to suggest books through the contact form.

I am a university student, but I'm a History major not an English major, so I apologize if my grammar or spelling or anything like that is not wholly correct. I do use comma splices without realizing that they are there, so I'm really sorry if that bugs you. I just thought I'd give you a heads-up.

Now I'll address some of the items that should be discussed before I jump into this world of blogging. One, I will not accept people trolling. Now what this means is yes, I do welcome criticism. Please do criticize, but realize that the opinions on my blog are solely mine. That does not give you the right to tear into everything that I am saying in a rude way. If you do so, I will remove your comment. If you disagree with my opinion than yes, you can comment but do it in a way that isn't completely mean. For example, "Oh my god! Are you kidding me??? The plot loopholes in that book were so huge that a truck could drive through? How could you actually think that the plot was decent? Are you blind?????" A comment like this will be deleted. However if you made a comment like this: "Okay, I can understand that you might have liked the book overall and thought that the plot was unique. But have you ever read title, title, and title? They're pretty much the same thing and I think that the author is lacking originality." Than it will be left alone, and I might even comment on it. So, please think before you post.

For right now, that's the only real issue I'm going to post about. If any come up in future, then I will make another post.

Now, why am I writing this blog? Well I love to read, not that I get to do much with all my school work but I do. And I love to discuss books with other readers. So, I thought why not create a blog where I can discuss my favourite or least favourite books and share it with others? The purpose of this blog is to discuss books that I loved, liked, or didn't like and share my opinions.

Also I would love to hear from you readers! So please feel free to use the contact form in the sidebar, and don't be afraid to comment on my blog posts! I will try to respond to comments if possible and I would love to hear your thoughts, and suggestions! So go wild! But again, please be courteous. If you spam me or send hate mail than I will delete your email and possibly block it if necessary.

Oh! One more thing before I end this post. I am a university student and this means that I won't be posting on a schedule. It's not always possible for me to post once a day or depending on the week even once a week so I will update the blog when possible, but I'll try to update it at least once every two days. Please bear with me, and I will do my best!

Now, I've rambled on enough. Time to sign off! So feel free to contact me or comment. I want to hear about you guys and what you'd like to see.

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