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Taking Shots by Toni Aleo

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“Whoever thought up the phrase ‘Absence makes the heart grow founder’ was an idiot." -Toni Aleo, Taking Shots
WARNING: This book is not for young adults. It contains swear words and Sexual Content.

When I first stumbled upon this book, I had ulterior motives. I've always been into hockey but just before I found the Assassin's Series, my brother had bought season tickets for a local major junior(or flip that, I can never keep it straight!) team. Which meant that when I'm home from university I get to go their games! This meant I fell even deeper in love with the game of hockey and as such I began looking for books that had that and romance. Because I'm just that kinda gal. But when I stumbled upon Taking Shots, I didn't think that I would fall in love with the character or series as a whole. But I did, and now I can't wait until June 10th when Breaking Away comes out! Seriously, it feels like a looooooong time away. Now as another warning for those of you who are rebels and ignore warnings in big bold letters, this book does contain swearing(which isn't really too bad anyway) but more to the point it contains sexual content, and this means that it is not for younger audiences. So please, don't read this book unless you're old enough to. Thank you!

Taking Shots by Toni Aleo is the story of Shea Adler, captain of the Nashville Assassin's and Elli Fisher, a photographer from a wealthy family. Elli has always been told that she's not good enough, and this has made her insecure. When hot, confident Shea Adler turns his attention her way, she finds herself constantly doubting their relationship. But Shea is determined to make it work. Will Elli's insecurities, road trips and the plotting of a mother set in her ways destroy their love? Or will it be strong enough to last? Feel free to read the official synopsis on Goodreads.

Right away I'm going to say that the best part about this book is the characters. The two main characters of this book are Shea(S-h-a-y as my brother told me, not s-h-a-y-a, apparently that's the pronunciation for a girl? My brother corrected me one day. Rather rudely, I might add. But what are brothers for?) Adler and Ellie Fisher. Shea is that man who isn't a jerk, thinks of sweet things like setting up an amazing birthday party, and he's just what every girl is always looking for! He's really persistent and isn't looking for just booty which is always a benefit. He's the dream guy! That's probably one of the many reasons I found myself falling in love with him as well as rooting for him. Elli's always so insecure and doubtful of herself, something that I liked to see. I sometimes found myself wanting to slap her, because she let her insecurities get the best of her but honestly I feel like I'd probably do the same thing in certain situations. It was nice to see a female character who had flaws and those flaws were glaringly obvious. It was refreshing. But I fell in love with the both of them while they fell in love with each other. Toni Aleo has created characters that are perfect without actually being perfect, if you get my meaning. They're perfect in the way that they have flaws, those flaws can be obvious or hidden but you still know their there. 

The story of the two falling in love was amazing. It didn't have any kidnapping, or trouble with bad guys. It was just the problems that might arise from a normal relationship. It was a refreshing change from the books that I tend to be drawn to and Toni Aleo made it work. Without the kidnapping or trouble with bad guys, many might find that it was lacking in action, but it did have action, just not as high action as other romance books. Still, Taking Shots keeps your attention without those things and Toni Aleo did an amazing job on both this book and the books following in the series!

Occasionally I found the dialogue wasn't always up to par with the rest of the book, but it was very rare. But I love this book, and this series! If you're into hockey and romance, than this is definitely a book you should check out! I suggest it to anyone! 

Please feel free to leave comments about the book or series below! I want to hear your thoughts on Toni Aleo's Assassin's Series or Taking Shots in particular.

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