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A Silent Prayer by Samreen Ahsan

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"...and then she leaves me in the darkness that she has cast on me with her one last look." -Samreen Ahsan, A Silent Prayer

Adam Gibson has it all...or so everyone thinks. But when he runs into the religious Rania, and has several unexplainable incidents he can't help but find himself reconsidering his life and religious choices when she enters her life. But Rania has a brutal past that is determined to haunt her, one that she can't leave behind her. Will Adam be able to gain and keep her trust? Or will everything shatter like glass? Find the official description on Goodreads.

A Silent Prayer is told from a first person perspective. The chapters switch between Rania and Adam. At first, when I found out that the chapters would be separated this way, I thought there might be confusion. But it was quite clear throughout the book whose chapter you were on and who was telling their story. Their thoughts were clear and it was easy to determine which chapter was which. I enjoyed reading each character's chapters and gaining understanding about their pasts and present. As well as the thoughts that went through their heads. It was interesting and made it simple to understand what was going through their heads at any time.

What was also different from many other books is not that there was religion involved, but that it involved the Islam religion. I knew very little of Islam before reading this book and while it doesn't answer all of my questions, it certainly gives a unique perspective. Rania is a Muslim and it was different and refreshing to see her perspective as viewed through her religion. It was a new perspective and one that I enjoyed immensely. 

Samreen Ahsan also pays attention to settings and describing those settings. She used many descriptive words and words that clearly showed the images that she was trying to portray. It was beautiful and I saw cities in new lights.

A Silent Prayer was a unique, descriptive and great read. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books that involve religion as well as romance and the past defining a person's present. It was a great read and one that I enjoyed. Have you read A Silent Prayer? What did you think about it?

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