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Dragon Ties by Dusty Lynn Holloway

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"Time seemed to hold little meaning. It just kept moving forward, never holding still like she wished it would." -Dusty Lynn Holloway, Dragon Ties

Dragon Ties continues the story of Terradin and the war. Auri has made her choice, one that will hurt those around her even as it brings joy. But there is no time for her to enjoy the love that she has found and return it. The war is still going on with Obsidian and Auri is the only one that can stop it. Can Auri stay strong and save those around her? Or will she and the land crumble into nothing. Find the official description on Goodreads.

Dragon Ties is an amazing addition to the Chronicle of Shadow and Light series. Throughout the book we find out more about the characters that were the focus of Dragon Dreams but it also allows readers new perspectives and new insights to characters that readers may have overlooked in the first book of the series. Auri fears failure, and that just makes her seem so much more realistic and helps the reader to form a deeper connection with her. We also gain Liran's perspective and learn more about the elf and the depth of feeling he has for Auri. I found myself empathizing with Liran much more than in the first book and I found myself more strongly connected with Auri than Nachel in Dragon Ties.

We also learn more about Wolf, Stephen and several new characters we meet. I also found myself feeling more deeply about characters that had previously been in the background. There are so many new things and actions that distinguish what had been background characters from the background. It was amazing, and painful at the same time.

This book has more emotional turmoil than Dragon Dreams but it seems as if it's a natural progression. There's a lot more pain, a lot more difficulties that the characters experience and transmit to the reader. It seemed that every other chapter I was having to wipe my eyes because something that was extremely sad or touching was taking place. It was...marvellous even as I cursed Dusty for making me feel so many emotions. 

Then there's the fact that there's so many things that stand out as something that everyone experiences at some time in their life.There's the difficulties of war and being a leader during that war, the sacrifices people make, the loyalty and bravery that certain people can inspire. These are just scraping the surface of the book really, and there is so much more within the pages of Dragon Ties

Dusty Lynn Holloway has created a series that draws readers in, makes them feel, and is engaging. The book is written seamlessly even when changing character's perspectives. 

This is definitely a series that I recommend to everyone. It's an incredible combination of fantasy, romance, emotions, and action. If you have any interest in any of those things than I suggest you check out this series. Have you read the Chronicle of Shadow and Light series? What did you think of it? If you haven't, is it something that you seem interested in?

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