Monday, April 7, 2014

The Find by Gregg Bell

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"To watch Cessie suffer the way she had been was wearing Phoebe out." -Gregg Bell, The Find

Desperate, Phoebe does something she knows she shouldn't. But with a sick daughter and losing her job, what else can she do? But when things start getting heavy and people are getting hurt, what will Phoebe do to save those she loves? Find the official description on Goodreads.

Gregg Bell has created a very interesting novel, one that will get your attention and keep it. For those of you who enjoy action, this book has plenty. There's a mother who will do anything to help/keep her kids safe and a mobster as well as a gangster. That's pretty much guaranteed to cause trouble of the gun toting kind. Not only that but the plot is fascinating. 
It shows Phoebe, who at first, does what she does in order to help her children, one of who is diabetic. But then she seems to be more into the adrenaline rush or feeling of adventure she gains through her actions. You're not even sure how far she's willing to go to keep the rush going and you're not sure that the book will have a happy ending. Gregg Bell keeps you guessing about whether the ending will be happy until the very last page. That was something else I enjoyed. I usually read books in which the happy ending of the main character(s) is pretty much guaranteed. So reading a book in which the reader is full of doubt over the ending, it filled me with a desire to read and read quickly. I wanted to know if Phoebe would have a happy ending. Than add in scenes of shootings and a violent mobster as well as a sick child and the reader is being kept on their toes.

Then there was Phoebe. In The Find, Gregg Bell is displaying, and quite well, I might add, a mother's desperation and willingness to do whatever is necessary so that her children are safe and happy. She's dragged into the life she was because of this. But then her motivation seems to change. The reader begins to doubt the sincerity of her motives. It's an interesting twist, and one that readers can understand because they can hear some of Phoebe's thoughts. It makes things intriguing and innovative. 

Overall, The Find is a book for those who love action and anything to do with mobsters/gangsters. It's got a bit of romance for those romantics as well. What did you guys think about The Find

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