Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Return by Carter Vance

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"He had stories, half-truths,timelines that didn't mesh, and every once in a while, a fact or connection that seemed to ring true." -Carter Vance, The Return

It's time for the Holy Grail to be discovered. But what if the Grail isn't an object but a bloodline? Like the bloodline of David for example. Events are taking place that lead many to believe that it is the time of the Second Coming. But will Sarah Davidson and Peter Christos be able to survive the coming war or will all hope be lost? Find the official description on Goodreads

The plot line in The Return was a very interesting concept, one that I hadn't expected. Especially hearing that it involved the Knights of the Templar. I think in most of the books I've read they tend to be portrayed as the bad guys so it was interesting to have that flipped. I enjoyed the basic plot behind the book but the book itself could use some work.

The writing seemed a little awkward at times, with the wording and it could use a little editing to fix some simple mistakes.

The book jumps around a lot which helps to keep the readers attention but this also means that the readers have a tough time forming any emotional connection to the characters. One of the main characters died and I felt little about it one way or the other, instead viewing it as something that had to happen.

As I've said before, The Return has an interesting concept but could use a little work to bring it up to it's full potential.

Have you read The Return? What did you think about it? Do you enjoy the action packed books similar to the Da Vinci Code?

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