Friday, May 2, 2014

500 Days by Jessica Miller

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"But what if he was just visiting like you and by some weird coincidence he lived here and was right under your nose the whole time." -Jessica Miller, 500 Days
WARNING: This book contains Sexual Content and is not for younger audiences.

Casper has anything he could ever want. Except for the one-night stand that he can't forget. Alex has had a difficult life and prefers to keep guys at an arm's distance, especially because she feels they're nothing but trouble. But when she realizes Casper is the mystery guy from New Years Eve can she find her happiness? Or will she let her past destroy her future? Find the official description on Goodreads.

500 Days is first person perspective and we get both Casper and Alex's perspectives. It was perfect. We get a glimpse into both of their mindsets and it helps develop a connection with both. Although occasionally Casper does some silly things you just want to shake him but he also tries to fix his mistakes. Then there's Alex, there are more than a few times you just want to smack her but you can also empathize with her. She didn't exactly have the best childhood and while that doesn't excuse her behaviour, you can understand it at least. Especially when you can get a look into what her thoughts reveal.

The dialogue was natural and the banter was amusing. Although I did find that in the beginning it was hard to keep all the brothers straight as they all have J names. But once you get farther into the book you can keep track of who's who a little easier. 

Ultimately 500 Days is an emotional rollercoaster one that you don't want to get off. It's a romance for sure and one that you enjoy as you delve into the characters. If you haven't read it already you should give it a look! Do you enjoy books that have you up one moment, down the next? Or do you prefer books that are more level emotional wise? Have you read 500 Days or anything by Jessica Miller?

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