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Carolyn Ridder Aspenson Feature, Part Two!

A Mother's Work is Never Done...

Carolyn Aspenson's (Unfinished Business) latest picks up the story of Angela Panther's dealings with her dead mom, Fran and the duo's dynamic is as delightful as ever!

Angela had her psychic gift under control until a traumatic loss shut it down. And now that Angela's daughter is in too deep with a boy and her best friend Mel's husband is cheating, she needs her mom more than ever.

Fran knows that when you're a mom, there's no such thing as till death do us part and she won't rest in peace while there's strife in her daughter's life. Using her nifty celestial superpowers, she's soon back in the game and helping out, regardless of her daughter's defunct gift.


"I'd lost the ability to hear and see ghosts after my father died six months ago but that hadn't stopped them from trying to connect." -Carolyn Ridder Aspenson, Unbreakable Bonds.

This is the second book in the Angela Panther series and let me tell you it doesn't disappoint. (If you want to read my review of the first book, -insert title here- click the link). After her father's death, Angela loses her ability to talk to spirits. But that doesn't stop the spirits from trying to talk to her. Or her mother from trying to leave clues and hints so that she can gain her ability back. Not only is Angela struggling with the loss of her parents and her gift, her best friend is going through a drama and her teenage daughter has a boyfriend. It seems that Angela is never going to have a drama-free day.

Once more Carolyn Ridder Aspenson sends her readers onto a roller coaster ride. The banter of mother and daughter is still hilarious and refreshing but there are plenty of times when you just have to cry. You're sucked into the drama that has become Angela's life and you're never for a second bored.

Not only that but Carolyn Ridder Aspenson once more makes us delve into the lives of her characters and feel their pain. Angela's loss of her gift and thus her ability to communicate with her mother and father, the drama that Mel is going through. I've never experience what Mel was going through but through the description that is given, I felt like I knew exactly what she was going through. Carolyn is able to describe things in such a way that you feel as if you are in the book and as if you were going through the problems the characters are facing, not as if you were reading about them.

If you haven't read the first book in the series, Unfinished Business than I suggest you give that a read before delving into Unbreakable Bonds. Give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments! Or if you've already read these books, what did you think about the series?

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Booktrope Press Release:

Laughter as Medicine: 

Author's grief inspires bestseller - and more to come 

Carolyn Ridder Aspenson signs on with Seattle start-up, Booktrope Editions 

Carolyn Aspenson epitomizes today's juggler: busy mother of 3, avid fitness buff, and 

columnist for several websites and Atlanta-based publications. A few years ago, when both 

her parents died within 11 months of each other, she found herself orphaned, and 

completely devastated. Her grief consumed her, and her weight spun out of control. One 

day, she gazed in the mirror and decided she no longer wanted to be "that girl." 

She channeled her grief. Carolyn wrote her first paranormal/chick lit novel, Unfinished 

Business: An Angela Panther novel, as a way of honoring her parents. "I felt the world was 

missing out on these wonderful people, and I wanted to share them. I created the character 

of Fran, the ghost in the book, after my mother, who was very much the sassy, in-your-face 

Italian woman you'll find in the book." Before she knew it, Unfinished Business hit both 

Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller lists. Caroline Fardig, author of Barnes & Noble 

bestseller It's Just a Little Crush, says, "The author has a great sense of humor, even about 

death, but when the story called for it, she was reverent and empathetic in the way her 

characters handled each other." 

Re-energized, Carolyn worked through her grief, dropped the weight, and discovered she 

was just getting started. She discovered Booktrope, a Seattle-based publishing startup that 

uses targeted marketing strategies and an innovative Team Publishing concept, which offers 

authors the support they need to succeed, and allows them more creative control and higher 

royalties than traditional publishing houses. Unfinished Business got a makeover, slated for 

release in just weeks, and her second novel in the Angela Panther series, Unbreakable Bonds, 

will be released through Booktrope in late spring. A third novel is in the works. 

"I'm excited to be a part of the Booktrope community," Aspenson said, "and look forward to 

About Booktrope Publishing: Booktrope is a team-publishing platform and a social 

marketing engine for books of all kinds. We free the creative team of authors, editors, 

designers and marketing partners to work on what they do best—create and market the best 

book possible. With over 150 authors, several on bestseller lists, Booktrope is redesigning 

the way to publish. For more information on Booktrope, visit

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