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Dragon Lights Part One by Dusty Lynn Holloway

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“There will always be bad, dear heart. But there is much that is good as well.” -Dusty Lynn Holloway, Dragon Light Part One

Auri is trying desperately to prepare for the battle she knows is coming. But things seem to just keep coming and she’s not so sure that she and Liren, not to mention all of the other people she loves will make it out alive. But will she give up or will that make her fight all the harder? Find the official description on Goodreads.

I’ll admit that at first I found it hard to connect and re-enter the world that Dusty has created. But I slowly was able to jump back in and once I did I once more found myself reading with bated breath. I was cheering for Auri at all times, watching things happen and wishing I could somehow influence them. Not to mention silently watching and realizing how much that all the characters but especially Auri has changed. It was interesting to see the changes from how she was in the beginning to how she is now and yet still seem some things that are the same. We also see more about Liren, his priorities and character. (Dusty, can you get me one of him? I would love that. Thanks!!) But seriously, it was amazing and awe-inspiring to see how completely devoted he is to Auri and the things he is willing to do as well as his fears. It blew me away.

While Dragon Lights is very much a grim book, it also has it’s hilarious moments. Those moments that give you glimpses into why they are fighting and what for. It makes everything worth it - the pain, the grieving, everything. Even as you know that you aren’t in the book, you experience everything as if you are a part of the book.

There is also a bit of a surprise that I wasn’t really expecting, but it was a happy one. It made the book that much less grim and more a joyous book. But it only helped relieved some of the grimness not all of it.

The ending ended the book well, but it also left readers with plenty of questions. It also leaves the reader anticipating the next part of Dragon Lights with excitement!

So what did you think about the third installment of the series? Did you think it lived up to the previous books?

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