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Witch Hearts by Liz Long

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"These things didn't happen to people she knew." -Liz Long, Witch Hearts

Ruby is a witch, as is her best friend Courtney so you would think they'd be safe from murderers. But what if one was able to get through their protection spells? Especially a dark magic user, someone who needs the hearts of five witches? Ruby teams up with Courtney's brother Cooper in order to find and stop the murderer. But she's also attempting to fight the attraction she has always felt to Cooper. But when she finds herself in a position she never wanted to be in will she be able to save herself? Or will Cooper suffer another loss of a loved one? Find the official description on Goodreads.

The very first chapter sounds like it's describing the beginning of an episode of Criminal Minds. I've always loved that show, even though I can't watch it after dark in a house by myself(I'm not a fan of scary, if you couldn't tell, haha).
So to find the first chapter sounding so similar to the opening scenes of an episode I was immediately drawn in. After the first chapter, we're given third person perspective still, but it also focuses on Ruby and there's more an air of familiarity. It is still interesting, just a different style. Ruby has many good insights, one that as a reader I enjoyed reading about. It also seems as if things are playing out in front of your eyes. It doesn't take much to imagine the scenes as they would be portrayed in a TV show or movie and that appealed to me as a reader.

The supernatural elements are there in the beginning but not as obvious at first. There are small instances but they don't draw your attention in a huge way. It isn't until a little later in the book that the witchcraft begins playing a bigger part in the story. That was another thing I liked. Liz Long gives us a description of the witchcraft that she utilizes in Witch Hearts and gives small clues as to why the killer might want the hearts of witches but that's all you get. She doesn't necessarily go over every little thing that might not be necessary to the story but she does give us the necessary things to understand the book.

I couldn't figure out the murderer though, so that was well done as well. Although you do get a few inklings as to who may be involved. It was a fun ride, one that I enjoyed. I loved attempting to guess the murder and being proved wrong. It's always so fun.

Witch Hearts is a good book, one that people who like books about witchcraft and murder should read. If you've ever watched and/or loved Criminal Minds than you should look into it as well. Do you enjoy books with supernatural elements? Or do you prefer your books of murder to be lacking in the supernatural elements? 

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