Monday, June 30, 2014

Hot Shot by Lynn Raye Harris

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"He hadn't wanted to see her, though every once in a while he caught himself thinking of that last day together on the island." -Lynn Raye Harris, Hot Shot

Jack's an amazing sniper for the Hostile Operation Team. He saved Gina one day and after spending three days with her waiting for rescue hasn't been able to forget her. But the circumstances weren't right. Several years later, Gina calls extremely upset. Her son has been kidnapped and Jack's the only one she trusts to get him back. But there's a secret she's been keeping and it will come out. Will Jack stick around? Or will things prove too tough? Find the official description on Goodreads.

Throughout the book, Jack and Gina both become living, breathing people to the readers. We're give some of Jack's past and that helps the reader empathize with him. Not to mention understand why he does what he does even though sometimes I felt like smacking him for being a complete and utter idiot! But it was easy to understand where he was coming from. He felt guilt and was still grieving. Although I admit that in the end I was really happy with his actions. Not his past ones, but the ones he was making to make things right.

Then there's Gina. I felt bad for her because she's under constant scrutiny as a celebrity and that she's forced to deal with a situation she's not really prepared for. But she handled things really well. I felt admiration for how strong she could be at least when it counted. However she did make at least one decision that I felt she could have handled better. But at the same time I'm reminded that it's easy to look back or at characters and see everything that they're doing wrong and how they could have done better. So really she just did the best she could with what she had.

There were lots of drama, and if it wasn't a combination of action and emotional drama than it was one or the other. It kept things interesting. And there were touching scenes between several characters. Including the team. Their interactions served as some lighthearted banter that relieved a bit of tension. But it's clear that they're close. And I loved that. It was sweet. But at the same time amusing. And the nicknames were great! Although I wish I knew a bit more about the characters so that I could understand the reason behind the nicknames better. 

Hot Shot seems to be able to stand as a stand-alone but there was at least one thing mentioned that while it was explained briefly I would have liked some more background. But that's easily remedied by reading the rest of the series.

I loved reading Hot Shot and it sounds like this would be a good series! Hot Shot comes out on June 30th. You should definitely look into it!

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