Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's Wednesday...Yet Feels Like a Monday

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So, remember how last month I was complaining about it not feeling like summer? Now it feels much too summery. Especially because I can't open my window and my door has to remain closed to save some pets from being eaten by our cats. Thankfully I have a fan but still it's super hot and muggy. 

Anywho, it's just been one of those days. You know the kind, where everything is going wrong and you're feeling all overwhelmed and you just want to go to bed but you can't because you have to work later on? Yeah, and I'm having issues with my insurance after having just fixed my health card problems and blech. Paperwork sucks. Let's just say that.

Also, boo the Montreal Canadiens didn't make it to the finals. :( But I guess it could have ended way sooner and at least they made it as far as they did. There's always next year! 

Speaking of that, does anyone know when the NHL draft is? I'm curious as to who the NHL will be drafting.

Anyway, I'm bored. I'm still working and I have a lot of shifts so that means money coming in but I've also got plenty of time to read and I can't find any new books to read. So, if you want to suggest any, feel free. 

I can't wait until June 10th when Toni Aleo's Breaking Away comes out! That's so exciting and I'm pretty sure I don't work till that night so I'm buying it as soon as I wake up and reading it all day! 

I think that's really all I wanted to say so I guess I'll sign off for now! Look for some new reviews to be posted soon and blog tours as well!


  1. I think the Entry Draft for the NHL is June 27–28... Also, if you haven't read Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (it's a YA series about an assassin) I would recommend that :)

    1. Okay, thanks. I'll have to pay attention. I haven't read that series! I'll have to check it out! Thanks for commenting and suggesting a book.


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