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The Fire by John A. Heldt

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“He would do something different and perhaps have an adventure, though probably not the kind his mother had in mind.” -John A. Heldt, The Fire

Kevin Johnson finds something that he did not expect under the floorboards of his grandfather’s guest bedroom. But when he finds that he can travel back in time, when will he go? And when he meets Sarah, can he leave for the future without at least trying to convince her to join him? Or will everything go up in flames as the Great Fire destroys the town? Find the official description on Goodreads.

Another marvellous addition to the Northwest Passage Series, The Fire follows the pattern of the last several books...for the most part. There is time travel but Kevin does not travel back to the same time periods as the previous travellers nor does he travel in the exact same method. Then there is the fact that Kevin actually knows that he is travelling back in time and can prepare for the trip whereas the others did not know that they had travelled in time or prepared. This presents some unique situations.

But John A. Heldt continues creating touching, moving and emotional scenes, as well as moral dilemmas than are not so easily solved. The Fire is meant to keep readers interested and it does. It brings to life a previous time period that may have been very dry even to those who are interested in history.

Not to mention he brings to life characters that we also gives us a glimpse into the character’s lives from previous books while not dedicating a lot of time to them. He doesn’t lose the focus of Kevin even as we find out the fates of the previous time travellers. It was an interesting blend and one that I enjoyed. Even while we were learning about new characters we still had the comfort of the old and discovering what has taken place in the years since they have travelled in time. It felt amazing to do that.

The Fire is a welcome addition to a wonderfully written series. If you enjoy time travel, romance and emotionally charged books than this is one series that you must read. What do you think about books that bring the past to life? Have you read any of the Northwest Passage Series books?

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