Sunday, July 6, 2014

Center Point by R.M. Clark

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"For once in your life, finish something." -R.M. Clark, Center Point

Dennis Kozma is shocked to receive a visit from his late father's lawyer delivering a package his father left with the lawyer ten years ago. He receives several documents, all interesting in their own way. But the most important is the drawing of Komaket. But when his curious nature crosses into the territory of a secret society will he survive to his twenty-sixth birthday? Find the official description on Goodreads.

The writing for this book was really well done. It was easy to follow the story and there weren't a bunch of stumbling points. If you didn't understand something than it was likely to be explained. The only thing that bothered me in the book is how the drawing filled itself in and then disappeared. I sort of think I understand the explanation but still it was slightly confusing to me. 

However Dennis was a great character. The "professional student" he seems almost afraid to finish his education and thus have to enter the real world(anyone else know that feeling? *raises hand*). But he was dealing with the hand he was dealt and he was actually dealing really well with the situations that arose. Dennis was a character that readers can get behind and enjoy. 

I especially enjoyed the mystery of the whole thing. Dennis' dad was a smart guy really to set all this up and know that his son would find both answers. And there were also characters that you had to sort of try and find out whether they were who they said they were and if they could be trusted. It was a fun ride, one that I couldn't really guess any of the major discoveries.

Center Point was a great read for those interested in mysteries. The characters and book itself was well written and it gives the reader plenty of information so they can work on their own sleuthing skills.

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