Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

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So, Happy Canada Day to everybody! And no, I am not obsessed with hockey....okay, maybe a little bit....but I found this image and couldn't resist....don't hate me. So, I thought I'd just come on and wish everyone a happy Canada Day, see what everyone is planning to do for either Canada Day or 4th of July, depending on where you live. Or if there's another holiday similar to those two that you're going to celebrate.

Personally my plans are lacking. I'll probably just hang out with the family and there'll probably be a BBQ at some point. 

Now, did anyone else watch the NHL draft? I watched up until the 26th pick. Looks  like the teams got some good guys. I can't wait for the preseason to get started! It's definitely gonna be interesting.

Also on another completely random note, did everyone hear that there's going to be a new episode of Doctor Who on August 23rd. I'm torn. There's a preseason game that night for one of the junior major teams nearby and I'm already planning to go....but Doctor Who. Hopefully I'll be able to catch them both. If not, I can always record Doctor Who. I can't wait to meet the new doctor! If you haven't already check out the trailer! Although I feel it's more of a teaser than anything.

Oh, and have you guys checked out/entered the A Native's Tongue giveaway? If you haven't, you should really go enter! It's a great book. Find it under the Giveaway tab up in the navigation bar thingy of the site(really technical right?)

On that note, I'm gonna say goodbye and wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Canada Day! 

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