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The Mirror by John A. Heldt

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“Ginny knew she’d had a good life and probably had a better life coming up, but she wondered whether she deserved that life and would be able to cope with the many demands of adulthood.” -John A. Heldt, The Mirror

Ginny and Katie Smith have heard the old family stories but are understandably skeptical. But when they travel back to 1941 from 2020, it’s hard not to believe their parents. Especially when they run into a great grandmother that they never had the chance to meet, or at least a chance to meet that they could remember. But when both find themselves hopelessly entangled in the past will they take their one chance to the future? Or will they have to learn how to live in the past? Find the official description on Goodreads.

I have to say that I almost wanted to not open this book. Not because I wasn’t looking forward to it but because I knew that this was the last book that had been published. I didn’t want to read it and then find myself wishing it could go on forever when it came to an end. But I couldn’t help it. I just had to know what happened.

Like the previous books things are different in The Mirror. Nothing is really the same except that some of the characters remain as old friends. While they’re not the focus they are in the periphery. And it’s comforting. It’s like they’re a comforting blanket for readers who have read the whole series. Even while the emotional scenes are taking place you take comfort in the fact that there are familiar characters mixed in with the new characters. It was nice.

What was even more interesting about this book is not that two characters travel in time as that has happened before but two sisters, and more specifically the twin daughters of Joel Smith. I’m not going to name their mother because that would mean spoilers for the first book. But it was interesting to see the problems that can come from two people travelling back who are related and especially when there is someone who knows about one of the previous time travel adventures. It presented new problems of its own.

I found this series intriguing as John A. Heldt was able to recreate the adventure and emotional turmoil in every book. There wasn’t really anything familiar except for a few characters. It was refreshing and I enjoyed it.

If you love time travel, series’ and romance than this is an amazing series, one that I was sad to finish. Have you ever read the Northwest Passage Series? Did you enjoy it? What did you think about the different time travel scenarios?

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