Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Waiting For Prince Harry by Aven Ellis

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"I’m frozen. Because right now I am looking into the green eyes of the most beautiful ginger-haired man I’ve ever seen." -Aven Ellis, Waiting for Prince Harry

Kylie is twenty-four years old and putting all her wishes in a folder for the 'future' although it's not mentioned when this future will be. She follows the rules and one of her rules is no picking up men in a bar. But when she bumps into a handsome ginger that rivals her desire for Prince Harry.But there will be several issues for the two. Can love overcome all? Find the official description on Goodreads.

The characters were very realistic, and I found things to admire and point out faults. Those faults were also what made them seem real. For example Harrison has a bit of a temper(totally understand, being ginger and all). This made him seem as real as a friend and it was easy to continue reading and feeling like I was friends with these people and hearing this story as a kind of 'how we got together story'.

Then there's Kylie. The type of voice and narration that Aven Ellis used made it almost seem as if Kylie was interacting with the reader. It was an engaging way to write the book and I loved it! Mostly because it drew me in and kept me captive. Also, there were these little pop quizzes at the beginning of the chapter. They almost seem to give clues about events in the chapter not to mention Kylie's answers were usually funny and amusing.

The journey between friends, lovers and eventually soul mates is an interesting one with plenty of bumps and funny situations. Waiting for Prince Harry engages readers in every way.

It also helped that Harrison was a hockey player for the Dallas Demons and it helped with my hockey withdrawal. But that wasn't the sole reason that Waiting for Prince Harry was an amazing read. It was a combination of things including the characters, narration and the similarities readers can see with both Harrison and Kylie. Waiting for Prince Harry was an amazing read and I really suggest you give it a chance!

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