Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Reho by D.L. Denham

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"Reho wondered if there was somewhere he could escape, somewhere to start over." -D.L. Denham, Reho

Earth has been almost destroyed and invaded, the former mostly done by humans and nuclear war, the latter done by an alien race referred to as the Hegemon. Reho is a little bit different from the rest of humanity, even with all of their deformities from the radiation. When he gets the chance to sail away, he takes it and soon finds himself tangled in a web even more complex than he had thought. But there's only one question. Will he make it out alive? Find the official description on Goodreads.

Throughout Reho, we get the past and necessary information when it's needed. And it isn't told in a way that makes it seem as if it's the author trying to find a way to convey this information while staying in character. Instead it's done in a storytelling way by one of the characters or when Reho goes on a mental ramble. The information feels as if it's naturally coming to us and not just because we need it. I enjoyed that aspect of Reho. It was very well done.

Oh, and the writing was very attention grabbing. I was debating on whether I would read and review Reho but when I read the first few pages, I had to keep reading or else I would have been driving myself to madness wondering what was going on. It grabbed my attention and it held it for the most part throughout the book.

The future Earth and everything about it including the invading aliens were all imaginatively created. It was interesting to compare and contrast this new Earth with our Earth. It's not much different in some ways and yet in others it feels foreign. But I think that's what made things interesting. The fact that while it's familiar in a few, and yet there's more to discover about this new Earth.

I'm also going to give you a bit of warning. Throughout the book, the pace keeps going faster and faster until it slides right over a cliff. The ending was well played and I find myself wanting to read more of D.L. Denham's work just to find out what happened and how everything will play out. So, well played Mr. Denham, well played.

The world of Reho is very much dog eat dog, or at least Reho's world seems to be that way. So if you like action, than you are sure to like Reho. Reho  was released on July 31st, so you should go check it out, preview a bit if you'd like to and than purchase it.

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