Monday, September 1, 2014

Cade by V.A. Dold

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“When she took his hand, his heart skipped a beat.” -V.A. Dold, Cade

Anna James has finally divorced her husband and moved to New Orleans, ready for a fresh start. What she doesn’t expect is to meet the man of her dreams, literally. For the past five years, Cade and Anna have been sharing dreams and so it comes as a shock to meet him in real life. Cade is a shifter, and has known about possibly having a mate but when he finally meets Anna, after missing her earlier, he can’t help but feel lucky. But fate has a plan and when Anna’s ex-husband brings trouble down on her, Cade is determined to keep his mate safe. But will he be able to protect her without scaring her away? Find the official description on Goodreads.

Cade was a good, strong read. It contained characters that seemed real as you and me, and the fact that we were given Anna's past(or at least some of it) as well as the dreams before she actually physically met Cade let the readers gain an insight into her personality. Although I don't agree with her reasoning for staying with her ex-husband I could at least understand them. We also can't forget that she also wasn't crazy skinny. I know, I know, not every book character is extremely thin or whatnot but it feels nice to have a women who has curves and we see the effects of society on her because of the fact she's not always comfortable in her own body. Then we were also introduced to Cade, *sigh*. He's the perfect guy, and reader's inner romantic will definitely be doing a lot of sighing over him.

There were also all kinds of different moments. There were drama filled moments(mostly with Anna's ex), romantic moments, and fun, amusing ones as well. I especially loved the interactions between the Le Beau family. There were a lot of moments that you just had to laugh or smile foolishly because of something that happened. It made for a fun read that kept the reader interested and motivated to keep reading.

Cade was a great read, and I would definitely enjoy reading it again. I cannot wait to read Simon, as there was a bit of a lead up in Cade as well as the fact that we met Simon and his story made want to learn more about him.

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