Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Desired by Alisa Woods

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WARNING: Not meant for Younger Audiences.

Mia is a shifter living in Seattle and attempting to get through school so that she can help her mother and support herself. Lucas is an alpha damaged by the loss of his mate. When Lucas saves Mia, there seems to be something there. But Lucas pushes Mia away. Will the danger Mia's in mean Lucas will stick around, or will he leave her to her own fate? Find the official description on Goodreads.

Throughout Desired we are given both Mia's and Lucas' point of view. This gives us different thought processes, opinions, and  explanations to reactions to each other .Which is great. No having to guess who is thinking what and why they reacted a certain way. Or at least not for long.

Throughout Desired, I wasn't really a big fan of Lucas. He came off surly, grouchy, annoyed, pretty much any of those words so I felt like he had this big stay away sign on him and I didn't connect with him as much as I did Mia. Mia is a real touch girl. She is determined and I just felt like I should be cheering for her throughout the book. It was great, and I really enjoyed her character and point of view.

Desired is Part One in the True Alpha series and for this reason has a major cliffhanger. When I say major, I mean fall off of a 90 degree cliff that you never saw coming cliffhanger. Just so we're clear. It's also shorter than many books because it's part one.

If you find that Desired might be a book you're interested in, it was released on September 2nd and you can now purchase it! 

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