Friday, September 26, 2014

My African Dream by Mario Saincic

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"Maybe one day...Oh come on Milly, you haven't ever navigated yourself out of the state of Texas, so how the hell could you even dream of this?" -Mario Saincic, My African Dream

Milly has always dreamed of visiting the animals she watches via webcam on a website. But when she's given the chance, she almost can't believe it. She decides to take a chance. But when some things start happening, will her dream become a nightmare? Find the official description on Goodreads.

The writing overall was really well done. Especially the dialogue. It was engaging and the dialogue was easy to read and didn't feel awkward at all. I did find that things could become fast paced, as in it seemed as if the writing was hurrying you along and this meant that I didn't always feel as if I was truly engrossed by the book. That was the only thing I really had against the writing.

Milly was a character that I think everyone can relate to in one way or another. I felt like I could live vicariously through her. It was a fun adventure although things turned dangerous in no time.

When things get bad, Mario Saincic doesn't shield the reader. You experience everything that Milly does and sometimes you wish you really hadn't. It was good to see but at the same time I wish I hadn't read certain parts.

My African Dream was engaging, and just a great read. Not to mention that 50% of the author proceeds from the sale of this book goes to Rhino Conservation. So really, you get a great book and you also get to help a great cause. 

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