Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Need a Little Help, Please!

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Okay, so bear with me. This is a decision that I took some time in deciding. But right now, I feel a bit stressed out. Not that authors are after me constantly or whatnot and I mean I don't have that many books to read just yet. But at the same time I do have school and I'm trying to be a bit more social(shocker I know). So even though I've only had Reading Shy With Aly for six months or so I've decided to search for someone who can read and review books for Reading Shy as well. At first it would just be reading and reviewing books and whatnot. But it would slowly move up until we were full partners. The only reason I'm doing this is because Reading Shy has been my baby since I've started it and I'm a bit of a control freak at the best of times. So I feel like slowly letting some of the control go would be best. 

And again I'm only doing this for some peace of mind for myself and so that Reading Shy can help s many more authors! If you're interested in blogging with me at Reading Shy With Aly than please feel free to fill out this application. New bloggers and experienced are welcomed! Right now I'm only looking for one to two people, but that might expand a bit depending on how this all goes. Let me know if the form doesn't work or whatnot as this is the first time I've used Google Drive for forms. What are you waiting for! Apply below! 

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