Monday, October 6, 2014

Lacing Shadows Anthology

WARNING: Not intended for younger audiences.

Spirit of the Wolf by Andrea Stanet:

Asia has a choice, Jesse, her boyfriend for the past little bit or Nati, a new friend. That choice becomes even more difficult when things come to light. Will Asia make the correct choice or will she regret it forever?

The writing was well done. I didn’t feel like there were any parts that I stumbled over.

It was also interesting that Andrea Stanet decided to tackle a different sexuality than heterosexual. It took me out of my comfort zone and allowed a glimpse into feelings that I haven’t thought about before. I loved the fact that I was out of my comfort zone and I wasn’t reading the same type of relationship I seem to read about a lot. It was new, and different.

It was also different in the fact that she tackled the shifter romance in a different way. There was wolves but there were also jackal shifters and just different shifters in general. They also had a different appearance when they shifted and it was something unique to this book(or at least that I haven’t read yet.).

Spirit of the Wolf was different than many shifter romances I’ve read and this made it stand out in my mind. It was a good book and I’m glad I read it.

Eternal Guard by Tina Smith:

Ever since that night, Farren has felt like life just isn’t for her. Yet when she’s offered a way out, will she fight or will she give everything up?

Eternal Guard definitely had a darker tone to it than did Spirit of the Wolf but it seemed very realistic. Farren’s had a difficult time and you can see the struggle that she’s going through after it.

If depression or suicide are triggers for you than I suggest you not read this short story. It was a different point of view and one that was new to me as well. Farren obviously has a choice to make and that might not be the one most people would make.

I felt for Farren. She’s obviously getting the short end of the stick and it’s sad to see that. Tina Smith definitely made me feel sympathy for Farren and yet at the same time question her decisions occasionally or be shocked by her.

Overall, Eternal Guard was a dark read, one that was slightly different from other dark reads I’ve read lately.

Into The Dark by Laurie Treacy

Holly has been away at college and when she returns home, it`s to an empty house. But she`s glad of that fact when she stumbles across an injured fae prince in the woods - not that she knows that. But when things come to light will the two be able to enjoy their happiness or will it all be taken away from them?

Into the Dark made me smile after the darker tones of Eternal Guard. But it doesn’t last long. Although it’s not nearly as dark as Eternal Guard it still has its moments.

Sometimes I got confused about the whole fae thing, I wasn’t quite sure what differences they had from humans. But we get at least a bit of an explanation in Into the Dark. I just would have liked a bit more.

The experiences that Holly went through during the book were very easy to picture happening to the reader themselves. The book was well written but these scenes were great! I really felt as if I was in a movie or at points that I was Holly and experiencing those things she was.

Then there was the ending. It made me get that happy, fluffy, warm feeling. The one in your chest. That content feeling, let’s call it. So  I loved that.

Into the Dark was one of my favorite books in this anthology, hands down.

The Unspoken Truth by Lee Ryder

Lena has always been able to see ghosts since she was a little girl. Now she uses her gift to help solve cold cases while her husband, Jackson, protects her in his duties as a cop. But when Jessica’s story comes to the forefront, will it be the one to break her?

Lee Ryder did an amazing job with our introduction to Lena. It let us get a glimpse of how things all started, and a feel for her voice before diving into the action.

Then there was the fact that we got to see from Jessica’s point of view in visions as well as being able to hear her thoughts from letters that she found. I enjoyed these insights into her as a person, and  the mystery that surrounded her death and the death of her family members also added to the appeal of the book.

I have to admit that I was also glad that Lee Ryder included scenes with Jackson. The sweetness and happiness the couple and Jackson had balanced out a bit of the sadness and even a little of the horror of the rest of the short story. It was beautiful and I enjoyed it greatly.

The Unspoken Truth was a good addition to the Lacing Shadows Anthology.

Spinning Scars by Alexia Purdy

Ruby’s immortal and of a different race....she just doesn’t know it yet. Matthias is a creature who is destined to live forever. And unbeknownest to him he will finally find happiness. .But if the Others find him, will he lose the hope he’s just found?

At first I was kind of annoyed with Spinning Scars. It left me with a lot of questions with almost no answers. And I was impatient(aren’t we all at times? haha). So when we finally had explanations and most if not all my questions were answered, I was definitely a happy reader. Although I have to admit that it was good she spaced the answers to questions out. It gave readers time to soak things up or come up with new questions.

Occasionally the writing had it’s bumps. But it’s nothing that’s terribly bad. Most times it’s only a small thing here or there and easily ignored. We are all human and mistakes happen.

Alexia Purdy also brought up the fact that many times people judge others by their looks and are even repulsed by ‘imperfections’. Sad fact, but true. I think she handled the issue well and realisically, so well done.

Spinning Scars was a good book, one that finishes off the Lacing Shadows Anthology quite well.

The anthology was a good collection of stories. There were books that I liked more than others but that’s my personal choice. They were all well written for the most part and if you’re looking for a collection of paranormal stories, than this might just be the Anthology for you.


  1. What an awesome review thank you so much for the feature and I'm glad you loved The Lacing Shadows Anthology and The Unspoken Truth!

  2. Thanks for your wonderful review of Lacing Shadows. We appreciate everything you do:) I'm glad you liked Into the Dark and plan to continue the story with a lot taking place in the fae world. :)

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to be able to read more! :)


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