Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Let It Be Me by Toni Aleo

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"My reaction to him is baffling. I've never been this worked up." -Toni Aleo, Let It Be Me
WARNING: Contains material not suitable for younger audiences.

Violet is married, not happily by a long shot. Rob has her fearful to leave. But when Tucker takes over the clinic where she works will Violet be able to ask for help or will everything finally end? Find the official description on Goodreads.

Let It Be Me contains abuse. I'm going to say that up front so that if that's a trigger for you than you now know about it. It may deal with difficult issues, but Toni Aleo draws you in right away. It is very different from her Assassin's Series, Bellevue Bullies Series and The Whiskey Prince Series. But it still has that writing that is recognizable as Toni Aleo's style.

Let It Be Me gives readers a look into a relationship that many look upon only from the inside and feel scorn or annoyance with. I have never dealt with these issues but I believe that Toni Aleo portrays this realistically and respectfully at the same time. Not to mention that Toni Aleo is very descriptive and it is very well done.

Violet's voice and personality was marvelous. I really enjoyed her voice. Her personality really shone through although at times it was taken over by fear. Violet was my favorite character and I found myself cheering her on as I read through the book.

Let It Be Me was a great read, and one that deals admirably with such a difficult topic. I would willingly suggest this book to anyone and everyone.

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