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Lily's Temptation by C.C. Michaels

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"But ever since the night the brawny Maddox was rolled into the ER, cussing up a storm and kicking Jack in the nose, the notion of dating and the desire to be with someone has erupted like a forest fire." -C.C. Michaels, Lily's Temptation
WARNING: This book contains mature content. Not suitable for those under 18

Lily is working on finishing her residency. But when a fighter named Maddox comes in, she finds herself trying to avoid breaking rules especially when he looks at her with those eyes. When she finds out facts that may point to Maddox being much worse than she thought, Lily has to decide whether she'll take the chance on him. Find the official description on Goodreads.

The writing throughout Lily's temptation was good. It made the book easy to read, with no difficulty in understanding the things that the author was attempting to convey.

I did notice that I didn't really connect with the characters and that affected how drawn in I was to the book. I did enjoy the characters but that was what they were. Characters. They didn't come to life in the way that only they can. It wasn't hard to read but I think I would have enjoyed it more if I could have gotten some kind of connection with either Lily or Maddox.

The thing that I loved about Lily's Temptation is that it could get really deep. Lily would just have these thoughts and it's like okay, I've sort of had those thoughts except she took them farther. There was a lot of depth in this book and that was one thing I really enjoyed.

And can I say that Lily's Temptation taught me a lesson about judging a book by its cover. It seems to be a lesson you vow to be better at and then completely forget about it or at least that tends to happen to me a lot. And Lily's  Temptation taught me that lesson again.

And then the cliffhanger. That was a doozy. And it definitely encourages readers to find out what happened again. Almost to the point of begging really.

Lily's Temptation was a good read with a lot of depth.

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