Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our Second Chance by C.D. Taylor

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"I was doing something for myself when I was there." -C.D. Taylor, Our Second Chance
WARNING: This is not meant for younger audiences

On the outside it looks like Emily Mills has everything. But she has everything that matters. When she decides to move back to New York and pursue her dreams. But what she doesn't expect is to run into her best friend from her University days, and the man she was secretly in love with....and if she can still admit it she still is. But Emily has been burned and she's not sure that she can take the leap from friends to lovers. Will she find the strength to fully chase her dreams? Find the official description on Goodreads.

First things first, woo is this book hot. Believe me when I say it will set you on fire.

Emily's emotions were so real, all the regrets and wistfulness, the what ifs. Throughout the book I could really get into her head and feel her emotions. They just felt so real and I was enjoying it so so much.

Then there was the romance between the two. It was just sweet and sigh worthy. I feel as if Emily was almost me when she was single and it definitely made me feel happy when she took a chance on Jake.

The plot moved along nicely and it was just a marvelous story that really inspired me to make sure I try and do everything I want to, and not regret what I didn't. Emily's story really resonated with me, and I just felt like it could be used as an inspiration even if it's a fictional story.

The writing was great. It flowed, drew you in and before you knew it five hours had passed(not really but two hours did). It was a book I dived into and I really suggest that you take a chance and read it.

Our Second Chance was a great read and I strongly suggest that you give it a read. It will certainly draw you in and make the romantic in you sigh a bit inside.

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