Thursday, November 6, 2014

Black Moon Draw by Lizzy Ford

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"Opening my eyes, I’m not surprised to see I haven’t been magically transported back to
my home." -Lizzy Ford, Black Moon Draw

A reader brought into a book world-literally. And when she arrives, it's to find that the book world isn't always the best world. Especially when that world becomes more and more real while it seems her world falls away. Naia finds herself in a world where everything is very different from her world. Fighting wars and falling in love weren't in her plan when she awoke in this world but she find herself doing both anyway. But will she give up her world for his? Or will the choice be taken from her? Find the official description on Goodreads.

I really connected with Naia and her love of books. Especially how she uses them to escape and she was a really good character even if you felt like shaking her and telling her to wake up and stop being in denial. 

I don't tend to read a lot of fantasy but I enjoyed the world that Lizzy Ford created. It was interesting and learning all the little things about it was a wonderful experience. But I do have to admit that I hate the politics of the thing. But that's just my personal opinion, I'm not a big fan of politics and plots.

Then there was the fact that we get different perspectives, from the two main characters. This allowed readers to get a glimpse at both ways of thinking and find out that maybe everyone isn't always how they seemed. It was invigorating and an amazing journey.

This book had me in pain(all emotional) and also smiling largely. I enjoyed reading it and found myself sneaking away every chance I could to read it.

I liked Black Moon Draw a lot and it had an intriguing plot that sometimes I wish was real. So take a chance and read this fantasy book!

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