Saturday, November 29, 2014

Just Say Yes by Jen Andrews

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"What had gone so horribly wrong?"-Jen Andrews, Just Say Yes

Zoey and Andy should be happy, but when a freak accident causes Andy to withdraw a bit, Zoey is having a difficult time. Especially while away on vacation. But she finds a horse ranch and it helps her gather her thoughts, as well as figuring things out. She knows that Andy and her can come through this. But when yet another bomb is dropped on them, can they survive? Find the official description on Goodreads.

Okay, may I just really say that the freak accident is really imaginative and freakish? Like that is not something I would honestly believe if I heard it on the TV or the web. So that was really interesting and I've love the uniqueness of the accident.

And the reactions were interesting. I didn't even think about how Andy could react especially with his history. So I was a bit shocked when he acted how he did. But I did sort of understand? Anyway, both characters were interesting and I enjoyed the interactions as well as the willingness to work things out they both seem to have.

I was really happy for most of the book but then there was several shockers(although one less shocking than the others) and I just honestly couldn't believe it. It was difficult and took away my happy mood really quickly. This book will leave shocked, annoyed and upset at certain times and sometimes all at the same time.

Just Say Yes certainly lives up to the expectations I was left with from The Reason and even possibly surpasses it.

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