Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine

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 “I mean, you can’t just say you love someone and make it true. That’s not how it works. Real love doesn’t need to be declared or confessed. Real love just… is. " -Chelsea Fine, Best Kind of Broken

Pixie and Levi don't talk to each other, even though they used to be so close. But after living in the same building, just down the hall from each other, everything has turned even more awkward. The two are determined to hold onto their shared past. But will they choose to move on? Find the official description on Goodreads.

Okay, first off, the characters. What can I say? It's obvious both have had something happen in their shared past that is affecting their relationship. What's not clear at first is what. When you find out, it's clear that both are stuck in their past instead of moving on and hopefully becoming healthy mentally. Both are full of fire and Pixie seems to have almost a childlike attitude sometimes. It was what made me fall in love with her. And I have to say the interactions between the two made for some interesting times. There were times that both deserved a good smack upside the head.

We're given slow glimpses of memories, allowing a chance to see the relationship before it turned awkward. And what a relationship they had.

I loved the descriptions. They were intriguing while still getting the point across.

The plot was kept lively and moving, allowing readers to not be bored by anything. The interactions were amusing and at times painful, depending on what they were.

Overall, Best Kind of Broken was a great book to read, and made me feel all kinds of emotions. I loved it, and I'm sure many of you would as well.

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