Friday, December 26, 2014

Fire Sign by M.A. Petterson

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Dr. Anja Toussaint's past leads her to conclude that she knows who is setting the fires at churches. But can she find the person before it leads to her own fiery death? Find the official plot on Goodreads.

In Fire Sign by M.A. Petterson, the author creates descriptive scenes that are succinct but very well done. I could honestly see the scenes playing out in front of me and it wasn't hard to understand what was happening as things were explained in terms that were easily understood. 

There was a unique style of writing that almost seemed as if there was some kind of narrator in the background, telling the story as it played out in front of you. 

Trying to figure out the main character as well as who is behind the church fires keeps things jumping and the narration is interesting, allowing readers to dive right in and finish Fire Sign quickly.

I suggest you take a look at this novella if you're looking for something to read! 

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