Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hot Ice by Lynn Raye Harris

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Iceman or Garrett has had a difficult go with relationships. And when he's given forced to protect Grace, daughter of a senator and a very intelligent scientist, with the express order not to sleep with her, he's annoyed. But when he gets past Grace's somewhat cold exterior, he finds the woman behind irresistible. But there are people who would kill to gain access to Grace's research. Can Garrett keep Grace safe and still get past his past? Find the official description on Goodreads.

At first we get to meet Grace, and I immediately just clicked with her. Mostly because she sounds very very similar to me. She was different than many of the HOT men's women as she wasn't immediately feisty. But she's gotten a hidden depth that few get to see and it was fun to see it come out. And Garrett. Obviously has had issues and is still having issues with the woman from his past. You definitely feel annoyance that some people can't put aside their differences for their child. And by that I mean, Garrett's ex-wife is constantly badmouthing him around his daughter and that severely annoyed me, even only hearing it second hand from Garrett.

Hot Ice is what you've come to expect from Lynn Raye Harris. A well written story, with emotional as well as physical conflict and confusing alliances all around. She's created characters that are flawed but you still fall in love with them.

Over all, Hot Ice compares well with the previous books in the series and from the set-up in the book, I hope Ryan and Emily's story is coming next!

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