Sunday, January 4, 2015

Stolen by Leslie Georgeson

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April Huntington is a famous horse trainer. But no one really knows her. When her past and present begin colliding after a serial killer's murdering girls that look like her, April must decide to sink or swim. Find the official description on Goodreads.

The characters in this book were very personable, and relatable. I wouldn't say they were perfect, far from it and that is what made them seem human-like.

The plot was also interesting. It didn't have one calm moment, between physical and emotional drama that is going on in the book. It keeps things hopping and I really enjoyed the fast pace. Not to mention the unpredictable state of things.

We're also given brief glimpses into the serial killers mind but it can mislead you and fool you. But still it's very interesting and makes the mystery that much harder to solve.

The writing style of the book, including the metaphors and similes were unique and eye catching. The writing style also helped keep readers reading.

Overall, Stolen by Leslie Georgeson was a strong, interesting read, and I suggest it for those looking for a romantic suspense novel.

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