Monday, February 23, 2015

What the Heart Desires by Kelli McCracken

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Dylan is struggling to come to terms with everything and make sure his child and Heaven are safe. Layne is developing his abilities and struggling with his feelings for Heaven. Meanwhile Heaven is trying to make sure her baby is safe as well as keeping the peace between Dylan and Layne. Tensions rise, and things will quickly come to the boiling point. Will everyone survive or is the power of good going to be defeated? Find the official description on Goodreads.

OH MY GOODNESS THIS BOOK! This book series has been keeping me on my toes but What the Heart Desires takes it to the breaking point! I just.....all the way through this book I was trying to decide if I was going to end up in tears or wanting to growl and groan at someone(preferably a character and not a friend). The plot was interesting, high emotions, and that cliffhanger left me begging for the next book! Or at least the first chapter. I would read the next book chapter by slow chapter if that's the way I had to read it. The shockers just kept coming.

The characters were also developing and your emotions about the characters are constantly in flux. Dylan, Layne and Heaven as well as their families are so difficult to deal with at times and yet you can't put the book down!

I had such a hard time not reading this book all in one sitting, but there was homework to get done and classes to get through. So it was a struggle but I was able to.

If you're a fan of romances with soul mates than you need to check this series out!

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