Sunday, April 26, 2015

Club Medicine by Jack Kinsley

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Travis had the perfect life, a wife, a baby girl that he adores and the house as well. But that all goes downhill when he starts using again. Now all he's got left is his rehab center for the wealthy. Suddenly his thoughts turn dark. How far would he go?

Club Medicine is told from Travis' third person perspective. Which is good to read as most of the internal conflict takes place in his mind. And much of the book is that inner debate on drugs and the question of murder.

You get interested in Travis' life and how it's come down from where he used to be. But you don't necessarily understand completely why until further into the book. And you actually applaud Ana for doing that to protect her daughter. 

It was very ironic that the person running the rehab was the one who really needed it. 

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