Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Out of Bounds by Lynn Raye Harris

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Malcolm has returned home for his twin brother's funeral. Sabrina was on the beach for a wedding...that never happened. Both have had difficult days but Malcolm can't help but help Sabrina, even though she's a random stranger at first. But as they get closer, sparks fly. Find the official description on Goodreads.

This novella was certainly different from what I've read by Lynn Raye Harris so far, but no less well written. The writing was easy to follow and made you want to read the book even if you might have something else that needed done. And you easily fall in love with the characters or at least get to the point where you can both empathize and sympathize with them. That certainly made it a great read.

The plot was quick but beautiful and sure the love might have happened quickly  but that didn't make it any less realistic.  It was amazing to see two people who met during a difficult time comfort each other and find someone to love at the same time.

Out of Bounds is the same delightful writing that fans have come to expect from Lynn Raye Harris and the plot was great.

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