Friday, April 10, 2015

The Test by Gregg Bell

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Mary is finding life and love are not so simple. With only one more chance to pass the bar, and the stress of her love life, she's feeling down on her luck. Tom is determined to follow his family's tradition and he hopes that after a short break, that Mary is the one he wants to do that with. But the unexpected comes into play and they must determine if they can make it through this. Find the official description on Goodreads.

The story of Mary and Tom is told in bits and pieces although this feels very real as it's usually something that the character is thinking of at the time. The first person perspective allows a view of both characters and not at the same time. It allows you some insight into the characters at one point but not at another. I did find that Mary was very frustrating to me. She just kept putting things off or moving things around. And I know that I do that at times and so I should be a little less frustrated with it but her constant going on about it was slightly frustrating. But I did find that Tom had his flaws as well.

The plot was alright. It didn't draw me in and I occasionally found myself getting distracted. The writing was great. It was well done and executed.

Overall, The Test was a good book and if it sounds interesting to you then you should certainly give it a read.

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