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Red Hot Bikers, Rock Stars and Bad Boys Release Blitz!

The latest bundle of hotness is finally here.

Are you ready for more RED HOT sizzle this summer?

This inferno in a box is now available

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 This RED HOT box set is jam-packed with the bad boys you love!

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Eleven NYT, USA Today, and top-selling authors have banded together to bring you 11 pulse-pounding books about the bikers, rock stars, and bad boys that we all wish would throw us on the backs of their bikes or hold out their hands from the stage.

These 11 sexy, wild men are the types of guys you can’t bring home to meet the family. Your favorite aunts would clutch their pearls, seeing all that hot, muscular manflesh wrapped up in black leather and danger.

You, however, can bring home these bad, bad boys for a really great price!

From outlaw bikers to filthy rich rock stars and undercover police, we’ve gathered all 11 passionate stories in one big box. This heart-pounding collection is filled with confident, sexy, and swaggering men you’ll fall madly in love with.


Alright so as per normal for box sets, I'll give some general details at first and then say at least one line or two about the different books included in the set. 

Overall, the Red Hot Bikers, Rock Stars and Bad Boys box set included amazing books by amazing authors. And that shows through their work. I'd already read one of them(Chelle Bliss' Resisting) but that didn't make the box set any less interesting or well put together. The writing of all of the writers was excellent and the plots were intriguing. I was introduced to some new genres that I had previously never wanted to touch.

Forever Yours:

This book includes both Chris and Claire`s perspectives which allows a much more understanding read. You`re able to see both sides of the story and not hate one more so then the other if you hate anyone at all. And that wasn`t the case for this story. Instead you felt bad for both Chris and Claire. They`ve had a difficult time of it and that isn`t resolved in Forever Yours. I`m definitely going to have to find out what happens as soon as possible.


As I`ve mentioned, I`ve already read Resisting but that didn`t stop me from taking this opportunity to reread it. As always Chelle Bliss` writing was perfect or at least as perfect as any human can be. You get invested in the characters, especially Izzy. She`s a firecracker that makes you just want to cackle. I really enjoyed the back and forth between Izzy and James. I know their story is definitely an interesting one.

Randomly Ever After:

Alright so in this book I was a bit lost. It`s part of a series and I`ve never read any of the series before now. This is not a book that can be easily read as a standalone and that affected my enjoyment. But it was clear that both characters loved each other very much. The plot was hilarious, at least after you got past the bad situation that happened and then you could laugh at it. 

Stella and Dane

Wow, this was certainly not that fun of a read. Except it was enjoyable because it wasn`t the happiest of stories. It just goes to show that true love is worth waiting for. I couldn`t believe the small town that pretty much condemned these two before they could ever do anything to prove them right or wrong. It was definitely a sad, but also happy story if only because of the ending.

Every Breath You Take:

I`m pretty sure that I`ve read part of this series before and I really really enjoyed it. So reading Xan`s story was certainly eye opening. Mostly because he seems very uptight and hardworking with no time for a break. It was amazing to get to know him better and watch him fall in love.But Georgie was also an interesting female that is doing the best she can to survive. And with very little help. I loved learning her story as well as Xan`s and watching them fall for each other. I definitely want to know more!

Cold Fusion:

This one was certainly heavy but the author did a good job with writing it. While it was heavy you didn`t feel as if it was too crushing that you couldn`t continue reading it. And the end was certainly worth it.

The Storm and The Darkness:

This was an intriguing read. The plot kept things moving along at a nice pace although it starts off really slow with more getting to know the characters then anything. It picks up more towards the end until it`s almost as if it`s a high speed train. Have to say it was very disturbing to think about this actually happening. But overall the author did an amazing job and their writing was really good!

Rock Candy:

It was certainly one of the hotter books in this box set. Like off the charts hot. The dialogue was witty and not forced so the author did well with that. Overall it was a well done book.


Alright so I could never force myself to read Wuthering Heights. I could never get into it for some reason. But that holds true for me for a lot of the classics. And I have to say that if this is similar to it I'm kind of glad I didn't. Both characters were selfish and frustrating. The plot was interesting but very disturbing at the same time. The author did well though. The writing style kept you reading just as much as the plot.

Three Nights With A Rock Star:

Hailey is certainly a refreshing and well written character as was Locke. There were a couple of moments where you were confused but it was simply because the characters had misled or deceived the reader as well as one of the other characters. Three Nights With A Rock Star was told from both Hailey and her sister's perspective which is where some of the confusion could come in. 


It was an interesting read and the author ensures that you aren't lost in her world. That was nice and the writing certainly kept you reading until the very end. 

Title: Red Hot Bikers, Rock Stars & Bad Boys
Genre: Steamy Romance
Publisher: Malachite Publishing
Length: 1500+ pages

Forever Ours ~ Cassia Leo ~ After 8 years of foster homes, Claire yearns for permanence. Tattooed rocker Chris gives her a home and steals her heart. But will he give up stardom for her?

Resisting ~ Chelle Bliss ~ Ever have a man walk into your life and alter your entire universe? My answer would’ve been no before he tempted me into his bed.

Randomly Ever After ~ Julia Kent ~ An old rivalry threatens Sam's long-planned proposal to Amy when case of mistaken identity makes fists fly. Can a moonlit serenade on a rooftop make up for old mistakes as their future hangs in the balance?

Stella & Dane ~ Deanna Roy ~ When Dane roars into Stella's small town on his Harley, their dangerous romance upsets the locals, leading to an altercation that changes everything.

Every Breath You Take ~ Blair Babylon ~ What happens when a Rock Star in Disguise meets a Billionaire in hiding?

Cold Fusion an Iron Tornadoes MC Romance ~ Olivia Rigal ~ Police detective David is undercover at a club owned by the white supremacist group, but his real challenge may be abiding by the club’s single rule: “No messing around with the talent.”

The Storm and the Darkness ~ Sarah M. Cradit ~ Ana fled to Maine, escaping a dark past. What she left behind is nothing compared to what awaits ahead.

Rock Candy ~ Daizie Draper ~ When her PR firm puts Alexis in charge of fixing a famous band’s image after a fatal DUI, her resolve to keep her panties on and heart safe falters when Danny, the lead singer, starts tugging at both.

Wuther ~ V. J. Chambers ~ Inspired by Wuthering Heights: Heath adores Cathy, his childhood sweetheart. He would do anything to protect her . . . and to possess her.

Three Nights with a Rock Star ~ Amber Lin and Shari Slade ~ When this Sunday school teacher walks on the wild side, a tattooed bad boy rocker demands complete control of her body... for three nights only.

Revik ~ JC Andrijeski ~ Meet Revik during his bad boy days, living among the Rooks.


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