Sunday, May 3, 2015

Thomas by V.A. Dold

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Thomas is keeping busy being head of security for his grandfather. Julia is happy with her life owning her bar. But her mother wants so much more, including for her and her sister Krystal to be married to pureblood shifters. But Julia refuses to marry anyone who is not her mate. When she meets Thomas, she knows that he is her mate and must fight through Thomas' defenses as well as certain other problems in order to claim her mate. Find the official description on Goodreads.

There was a bit of an overlap in Thomas but since it was told from a different perspective then it wasn't really that much of an annoyance. It was actually really interesting to see it from Thomas' point of view because he has a different look at the situation as well as a different way of viewing it.

I liked the writing. V.A. Dold has created characters that are well done and life like as well as keeping the words flowing well. In Thomas the dynamic was a bit different as this time it was the female who was the wolf and the male was human. So that was interesting to see. You could look and see if things were different or similar.

I enjoy the family feeling you get whenever you read about the Le Beaus. It's just this all encompassing feeling throughout the book that makes you warm inside. Not to mention the book itself is hot.

And as usual, the ending of Thomas sets up the next book in the series which I`m sure will continue marvelously!

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