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Royal Holiday Multi-Book Review(Her Secret Prince, His Defiant Princess, and His Forbidden Princess)

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Dee's always been left behind. That list includes her parents and her best friend, Jed. A world traveler, he comes back into her life when certain things come to light. Find the official description on Goodreads

The writing definitely did capture the painful and terrible feelings that both Dee and Jed felt. Not only did Madeline Ash capture those feelings, she communicated them to her readers in a way so as to make her readers empathetic with them. It was easy to find yourself falling into their lives because their emotions were easily understood from the writing. 

The characters were also lovable. Dee definitely stood out as she was strange but fun. I really enjoyed her take on things. Not that I didn't enjoy Jed, it was just to me that Dee seemed much more alive and vibrant. She stood out more than Jed did. 

Her Secret Prince was a great read and I really enjoyed the royalty angle.

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Brenna hasn't had the easiest few months and she's decided to move to the Unified Isles of Cornetta where she once spent the happiest summer she had ever had. She's soon engaged to clean up a PR nightmare for the royal family but she finds herself facing her ex-lover, one she didn't know was even a royal at the time. Find the official description on Goodreads.

Brenna's story really emphasizes that she really hasn't had the best of times in the past few years. And you understand that pretty quickly, so there's no drawing out of her story. The story got even more curious when the family was embroiled in the PR nightmare and Brenna was brought in to fix it. I was honestly intrigued to see where she would take it and enjoyed watching her sort through the problem. 

But more importantly, I enjoyed watching the relationship between Brenna and Ronan as well as Ronan and the rest of his family. It was an engaging view and one that the author developed well I found. She did a really good job at showing those relationships in the best of lights. 

I am really enjoying the Royal Holiday Series, and hope to see more!

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An old college flame, one that was destroyed when Sofia's true identity came to light. But years later Ian is assigned to protect her as her country is thrown into turmoil. Find the official description on Goodreads.

I have to say starting the book off the way that Jeannie Moon did was certainly a way to capture readers attention. That would not have been an easy thing to handle finding out and especially the way Ian did. It certainly paints Ian in a very favorable light but the author doesn't make it at all easy to cast Sofia in an entirely negative light. If any negative light is shed on her then it would be about her not revealing her identity sooner. 

What I enjoy most about this series is that the only real connection is the fact that one of the main characters is a royal. Besides that there isn't really anything connecting the books as a series except that they're labelled as part of the series.

This book certainly had it's frustrating moments but it also had those moments that just make you smile. I think it was well balanced.

The Royal Holiday series is something to check out if you're looking for books to read that deal with Royalty. 

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