Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Devil Wears Spurs by Soraya Lane!

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Ryder has always fell in love with rodeos and is now the most successful bull rider in the state. He's so confident in himself that he bets his third of the ranch....but loses. Chloe is trying to save enough to finish college, having had to give all of her money to her father to save him from bad debt. She makes Ryder a deal-he pays for her college and never gambles again and she'll get his ranch back. But she doesn't count on the fact that she'll be getting to know him better....and that could be a dangerous thing. Find the official description on Goodreads.

The characters in this book certainly make the saying Don't Judge a Book by it's cover very appropriate. Honestly, I didn't like Ryder in the beginning. He seemed too cocky for his own good and I was glad when Chloe knocked him down a few pegs. But as you move through the book you start learning more and more about him, finding more qualities that are good and nice behind the confidence. And that's a good thing. Mind you it's still nice to see Chloe verbally spar with him. Those two provide quite a bit of laughter from that alone. 

And then there was a shocker that shouldn't have come as much of a shocker, but still kind of does. And wow, that had my heart pounding, and me quickly flipping pages to find out what happens. 

The ending was definitely very beautiful and just sigh.

Soraya Lane's writing style is very interesting and it makes the story come to life.

Overall, I throughly enjoyed The Devil Wears Spurs, and I think I'll add The Texas Kings to my watch list as Ryder's brothers are likely to have just as interesting stories as he did.

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