Monday, June 1, 2015

The Final Note and Disrespectful Diva by Helen J. Barnes!

Dayton Scott loves the DJ lifestyle for the most part. Alannah doesn't have the time to worry about men. And frankly she's a bit disenchanted with them. They meet and sparks fly. But not everyone is happy with their relationship. Find the official description on Goodreads

While I wasn't a fan of the first person perspective(as I rarely am) I did enjoy Alannah and Dayton as characters. They were interesting, and refreshing. Dayton wasn't into sleeping with every female that was around, and Alannah was working hard. They became like real people to me and I enjoyed learning their stories.

There was occasionally an error or two but we're human so it does happen. But otherwise the writing was pretty well done.

The plot was painful but it wasn't the thing that you would believe would bring a crisis to their relationship that does. 

The Final Note does a good job of creating a romance story that you can't put down. 

Tara or DJ DisDiva has fought hard to be at the top of her business. And she's enjoying the rewards of her battle. But everything is shaken up when Dominic is brought in to run the Xtreem radio station. They've both got a certain reputation. Can they move past their assumptions to work amicably or will everything fall apart? Find the official description on Goodreads

Disrespectful Diva had a much more high energy feel to it, when compared to The Final Note. But it wasn't high energy in a suspenseful way. It was high energy in the way that both Tara and Dominic give their all. It's obvious to see in the writing of Helen J. Barnes and you almost feel drained after reading Disrespectful Diva, as if you were the one doing what Tara or Dominic were doing.

It's definitely a lesson in don't depend on others to think you know people. Both Tara and Dominic aren't at all what they're first represented as and you easily see that at different books in Disrespectful Diva.

I enjoyed both The Final Note and Disrespectful Diva very much, especially because I don't think I've ever seen any books about DJ's. So it stands out in that respect especially. 

Disrespectful Diva

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