Thursday, July 2, 2015

Conquest by C.J. Somersby

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I really enjoyed the voice of Sam and the style of writing that C.J. Somersby uses to share this story. It was an enjoyable way to read and the fact that Sam's voice added character to the story alos helped to move the story along.

The plot was intriquing. Dealing with the apocalypse is never a fun adventure and especially when there's not a lot of people who would want to believe it is the apocalypse. And there was also the fact that the angels and demons didn't necessarily appear as you thought they traditionally would. That was a unique choice and one that paid off to make Conquest stand out.

Angels also were acting in perhaps not so much an angelic manner. So that was different. And again, it made Conquest stand out.

Overall C.J. Somersby has created an apocalyptic view that stands out against other books in the same genre. 

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