Friday, July 10, 2015

Soul Surrendered by Rosemary Clyde!

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Rigby risks her life to save other humans. But captured with her best friend, she soon finds herself in serious trouble. Ciro has a weird feeling, and follows it straight to Rigby. But she's human and he's head of the royal guard. Nothing good will come out of him finding his soul mate if she perishes at the hands of the King and Queen he's guarding. Find the official description on Goodreads.

Alright, so I started off with a lot of questions. But slowly but surely those questions were answered or we were given at least part of an answer. Rigby was certainly an interesting character. She was feisty and used that extensively, not to mention she was loyal to her friend. But I still felt like she should feel bad for being mean to Ciro as he was actually a good guy. And you knew him before meeting and getting inside Rigby's head so you know he wasn't a terrible person.

While this world certainly isn't one I'd want to live in, it certainly made for an interesting story. Especially some of the different character's thoughts. After Rigby and Ciro's thoughts I liked hearing what the Prince was thinking. And thinking that he needed to be educated a bit about how others felt.

The writing of Soul Surrendered was really good. As I already mentioned I loved the characters, although for some it took longer than others. Not to mention they had their flaws. The plot didn't drag on and there were no huge errors that I noticed.

Rosemary Clyde has created an interesting paranormal book. Soul Surrendered just released today!

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