Friday, July 10, 2015

The Rehab by Michel Logue Provost-FREE!

THE REHAB by Michel Logue-Provost:

Frank William Fasaro is a cop on the beat. His department is undermanned and under equipped, and with Special Assignments siphoning all available resources for their war on terror, just getting out on patrol in his decaying, post-nuke city is a major challenge. To make matters worse, Frank’s been having strange, recurring dreams: a terrified child, monstrous machines and half-familiar faces. Frank feels compelled to investigate, and that’s when the trouble really starts. Frank quickly finds himself caught between mysterious forces battling for control of the city. When he discovers his patrol vehicle has been commandeered by Special Assignments, it’s just the beginning of a very bad day.

Doesn't this sound interesting? Not to mention it's free today(July 10th)! So go give it a look on Amazon:!

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