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The Callahan Split by Lisa Heidke

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The Callahan Split: No one knows you better than your sister.

In tennis, as in life, nothing ever goes truly to plan.

Samantha and Annie Callahan are successful doubles champions — the toast of the Olympics, Wimbledon, and Flushing Meadow. 

But their winning partnership spirals out of control when Annie’s new boyfriend announces their engagement at the Australian Open in Melbourne.

Bear, the sisters’ coach, guides Annie as much as she’ll allow. But when she insists on dropping Samantha in favour of a singles career, her game and rankings plummet.

Samantha is left floundering. Disillusioned, her only sweet spot is the growing passion between her and Bear. 

Amidst rising anger and betrayal, Samantha completely changes both their destinies when she does the unthinkable after a devastating Wimbledon loss.

The sisters are driven to create new lives by confronting the past and taking control of the present. 

But can Samantha and Annie both win?

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The two sisters were certainly different, each had their different strengths and weaknesses. I don't think there was ever a time you felt that you needed to choose between the two or that either of them had a better point than the other. They were just at different points of their lives.

I don't think I was ever really lost while reading this book, except maybe on occasion when the tennis things got too technical but I don't think that happened more than once or twice at the most.

There were certainly several shockers that you might not be able to predict and these certainly helped to make the book a little more interesting, more so than watching the drama and intrigue of Samantha's life as well as what you know of Annie's. 

Lisa Heidke has created a good, strong novel that follows the story of Samantha and Annie. 


  1. Thanks for the great review, Aly. I'm so pleased you liked the book!
    Cheers, Lisa


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