Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Beautiful Collision by Toni Vallan!

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Eighteen year old Gray McAllister is on the run. Leaving her dangerous past behind her is easier said than done, even when she finds herself at last able to forge a new life.

But then the planets align and Gray finds herself bumping into super-hot Thane Blackwell. Drooling over him from afar is safe but that's only until she is forced to look after Thane while he recovers from surgery.

Being holed up in her apartment is a bad, bad idea. Can Gray control the fire that Thane seems to light inside her, or will she give in to her deepest desires. Can Thane achieve his goal without hurting Gray in the process?

The stakes are impossibly high, but love and lies don't play nice with each other. Will Gray's past catch up with her first? Or will Thane's own secrets explode and tear them apart? Description found on Goodreads.

I had a lot of questions at the beginning of Beautiful Collision but I think that's normal. You're always curious about the stories of each character and how they're going to meet.  The answers eventually came so while I read through it was hard sometimes to be wanting the answer but not able to find it at the time. 

There were multiple perspectives, including those of Thane and Grey. It was difficult at times reading and seeing the difficulties that Gray especially went through. And then we would get small little clues about her watcher but they didn't really help put things together, just added more questions that I was begging the answers for. 

It was certainly and action packed book, and there's a cliffhanger so I honestly am looking forward to the next book so that I can find out what happens next! Toni Vallen is a good writer, and I liked her style of writing. 

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