Monday, September 21, 2015

Lucas by V.A. Dold!

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Lucas is finally the proud owner of his own ranch and is settings things up. Unbeknownst to him, Krystal has a special ability...and she's found his mate. Kenzie is a workaholic who comes to visit her sister. And yet, she's already managed to flatten the ranch's owner, make her sister mad and fall for Lucas, even while knowing she's leaving soon. But when her life is threatened, will she trust Lucas to help her? Or will she try to face it alone? Find the official description on Goodreads.

The novel starts with a familiar scene; Emma praying to the goddess and discovering the mate of her son Lucas. But it's different in the way that it isn't set in New Orleans. Lucas has moved and with him his cousin Krystal. There's also the fact that Lucas is going on during some of the events that take place in the Cade and Anna novella. So those two things set Lucas apart from the series already.

Lucas was certainly a knowledgeable character and so the author must have done her research and done it thoroughly. That was well done. Not to mention all of the characters mentioned in the book were well developed already, and if they weren't they developed as characters throughout Lucas. Kenzie was certainly an interesting character that knew what she wanted and worked hard to get it. 

Lucas dealt with a lot of different emotions but never once did I feel overwhelmed with all of the things going on.

Lucas was a great read and I really cannot wait to read more about the Le Beaus or by V.A. Dold in general.

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