Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sister Maple Syrup Eyes by Ian Brennan Promotional Post!

 is one of the first books ever to be published from the historically underreported perspective on rape— from that of the lesser and oft-forgotten 'victim', the individual’s partner. 

With terse lyricism, this novella radiates the anguish of attempting to repair a love and life shattered by violence. Through a series of deliberately concise and untitled chapters, the story erupts in a before/after chasm, culminating with the main character’s reaching a tentative peace with his past.

“I have read no better description of how a rapist humiliates and owns his/her victim, not only during the attack but long afterwards. Everyone should read, Sister Maple Syrup Eyes, this moving and poetic book, but especially those who discount the seriousness of rape.”

Jody Raphael
Rape is Rape: How Denial, Distortion, and Victim Blaming Are Fueling a Hidden Acquaintance Rape Crisis

“Ian Brennan has written a novella [Sister Maple Syrup Eyes]that will help make serious concerns around the issue of rape and domination, come to light. It is an intimate, honest and important cri de coeur (‘cry from the heart’). “
Magnus Toren 
Executive Director, 
Henry Miller Memorial Library

“With Sister Maple Syrup Eyes, Ian Brennan hits a major grief head-on: the rape and abuse that is epidemic.”
 Professor Diane Glancy,  Author, 
The Reason for Crows and Stone Heart

“Rape doesn’t just affect the victim. In this poignant, usually untold account, Sister Maple Syrup Eyes deals with the long-term impact of rape on a relationship. Ian Brennan’s stark, vivid narrative mines the pain of love and the spiraling contamination of rape’s aftermath, as he acknowledges his own feelings of guilt-by-association. This is a brave and honest story of loss, and the urge to find redemption.”

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